Our Principle

Our People

Employees working for Cyhawk Security Group, Inc. are held to the highest regard. We believe that if our employees are happy, they will in turn work harder for the company. To ensure that our security personnel are trained of the highest standard, each officer will go through our training academy. As some security companies cut prices to win contracts, our company believes that to win a contract we must offer our potential clients superior service and a positive business relationship. At Cyhawk Security Group, Inc. our employees are our "internal customers." We strive every day to empower them to be the very best they can be, so they in turn, perform at the highest level. The result of our philosophy is a low security officer turnover rate, which allows us to supply our customers with a higher overall level of service and a consistent security officer staff.

Security Officer Selection

Cyhawk Security Group, Inc. recognizes that success is achieved by providing the highest quality of professional security personnel possible. We place strong emphasis on recruiting and developing our officers. After a multi-step interview process, testing, and complete background investigation, the officer is ready for training. Employee Screening A successful security program is directly related to the quality of its employees. Our comprehensive approach to screening and hiring helps ensure we employ only the best-qualified people. Background Checks Conducted by an industry-leading, third party to help ensure employee integrity.

  • Full Background and Reference Check
  • Drug Test (continuous throughout employment)
  • CPR and First Aide Training
  • Pool Safety Training
  • Pre-Employment Exam