"G" Armed Security Licensing Requalification

The “G” Armed Security Requalification course is an annual requirement necessary to keep your “G” License active. We will spend most of the 4 hours sharpening handgun marksmanship. 

Our experienced instructors know exactly what you need to learn. The skills you will develop will able you to become a effective armed security officer. Our instructors will teach you the lessons you will need to know to build your confidence in your abilities as a security guard. 

Security Guard Training Course

G License Renewal - $100
Armed Security Guard Requalification
(4 Hour Course)

Course Info:
  • This is the required security guard training class that provides the firearms training necessary to work legally as an armed security guard in Florida.
  • The State of Florida has the right to revoke your "G" License if you do not complete the renewal course every year. This means that you will have to complete the "G" License (28 hour) course again.
  • Students are responsible for a range fee that allows range access.